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July 15 201102·22 pm11 notes

Helheim, one of the great, underrated black metal bands around. Haunting and powerful.

July 03 201112·30 am

I can’t stop loving this song…

July 02 201108·32 am4 notes


This is so cool. I am speechless.

In the new community campaign for Left 4 Dead 2 there is a easter egg, containing a Portal Theme. GlaDOS talks to you and guides you through the puzzles. It all ends with cake and a “surprise”.

July 01 201108·38 am

Katherine Hepburn making herself at home at Dick Cavett’s expense :)

June 30 201103·47 pm210,544 notes


cookie the penguin squealing 

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June 30 201103·22 pm100 notes



Minnesota Sen. Al Franken has lent his voice to the It Gets Better Project, along with a dozen other senators

Keep ‘em coming, folks.

June 30 201106·33 am4 notes

Lili Marlene by Marlene Dietrich.

June 30 201106·16 am26 notes

*Sigh* Look at what we could have had, and now resigned to settle with.

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June 30 201105·08 am1 note

All is Full of Love, Björk.